Do we need sushi rice for making sushi?


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Needless to say, rice plays an essential role for making sushi. But do we really need sushi rice?
In Germany, you can find a “sushi rice” in many super markets. The problem is that the sushi rice is quite expensive; I’ve seen that 500 g package costed 2.70 euros.
Surely the sushi rice will work well but if you want to take a more economical way, there is an alternative:
Use “Milchreis”!

Milchreis is a German word for milk rice and it is used for making rice pudding. There are some things between Milchreis and Japanese rice; they are round, small and sticky.

As a Japanese, I’m quite picky about the quality of rice but I can use Milchreis without a big problem. For the sushi salad, I used the Milchreis of Oryza which is shown in the picture.
Milchreis is a good substitute of sushi rice but I recommend you not to use the cheapest one such as a 500 g package which costs 45 cents. You will see why it is so cheap.

じゃあ日本米に近いお米はないのか?と探したところ、ちまたではMilchreis(ミルヒライス)なるものが日本米に似ているというウワサが!Milchreisは英語ではRice puddingといって、お米を牛乳で煮込み、甘く味付けして、ジャムやシナモンと一緒に食べる、何ともおどろおどろしいデザートです。最初食べるとき抵抗がありますが、慣れるとおいしいと思うかも?私も結構好きです。
今まで色々なMilchreisを試してみましたが、 やっぱりMilchreisでも一番安いのは避けたほうがよさそうです。500g 45セント(60円)はやっぱり安かろう、悪かろうといった感じでしたね。

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